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Encoding Intel x86/IA-32 Assembler Instructions

Translation of the second line is a direct and solved issue. What about jmp 114? Well, we want to jump over the data (18 bytes, one byte per each character in the string.) IASDM tell us (Appendix B) that the opcode for unconditional jumps in the same segment is 11101011, which in hexadecimal, is expressed as EB.

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Web, Evolution and Trust

By chance, I arrived to an old and interesting BBC news report (2008), Warning sounded on web’s future, on the worries of Tim Berners-Lee about the spreading of disinformation using the web. Such worries are still totally valid today. The article also touches on other related topics such as extending the reach of the web […]

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Simple is beautiful. Photo by Geert Orye.

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I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act. G. K. Chesterton, (Illustrated London News, 1922)

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White Rabbit

Previously, a song for a dark mood. Later, a sexy one. Now, it’s time for some psychedelic tunes, with the gorgeous Grace Slick. “White Rabbit” belongs to Surrealistic Pillow (1967), the second album by Jefferson Airplane. Besides being one of the essential rock albums, “Surrealistic Pillow” meant the debut of Slick as vocalist of JA […]

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Postales en Sepia: II

No la amo, es sólo que me gusta escucharla todas las horas que ella quiera. Tampoco es que me parezca linda, pero me siento cómodo en su cintura. Es decir, el problema es mío, y por suerte, ella no se entera. Me duele la garganta si no quiebro el silencio con su nombre. Ya no […]

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Programmers from the Wild West

Analysis, Design, and related topics are for sissies, and for allowing professors of Computer Science who are bad at mathematics to make a living. SDLC is a pony. Cowboys ride horses.

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En las semanas previas Rudyard Kipling ha estado presente en mis lecturas. Primero con Kim y luego con The Phantom Rickshaw. Cuando comenté sobre el cuento, destaqué el humor que mostraba. En relación con el humor en la literatura, hoy me he reencontrado con una oración de mi autor favorito, en su cuento “La Señora […]

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Debugging “hello, world”

The Go command (g) will run the program starting at the given address (in this case, CS:0100) If everything goes right, the program should output the intended “hello, world!” string, and finish with the message “Program terminated normally.”

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A Review of OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X

All of the explanations are crystal clear, focused into the concepts and techniques OpenGL developers really need. The book comprises OpenGL architecture and configuration on OS X, and the various APIs we can use in order to create OpenGL applications, specifically, CGL, AGL, Cocoa, (our old buddy) GLUT, and X11 APIs.

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