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An E(x)tern Newbie Question

I want to know how to declare a const variable in one file and access it from other files? (C++). It’s a fairly basic question, and reveals that you have to study more C++. What you want is to define a const variable at global scope. Unlike non-const variables (which are extern by default), const […]

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hello world, C and GNU as

A thing all these programs had in common was their use of the 09h function of INT 21h for printing the “hello, world!” string. But it’s time to move forward. Now I plan to use the lovely C printf function.

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Programmers from the Wild West

Analysis, Design, and related topics are for sissies, and for allowing professors of Computer Science who are bad at mathematics to make a living. SDLC is a pony. Cowboys ride horses.

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hello, world

Personally, by reading “hello, world”, I evoke orange and warm afternoons, with my eyes strained (and soothed) by code. Nice, and overly inefficient Pascal code. In some images, a few BASIC snippets interleave, but those are not that nice to remember…

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