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Why adding people to a late software project makes it later?

That statement is known as Brooks’s Law, and it was coined by the renowned computer scientist and software engineer Frederick P. Brooks. Concretely, the original statement found in his 1975 classic The Mythical Man-Month is “adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”. Basically, the idea is that adding more analysts, designers or […]

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Reentrant Routine

A routine or procedure P is reentrant (or pure code) if it can be “re-entered” after it is already in execution. Basically, it means that P can be executed two or more times simultaneously, or alternatively, that P can be safely executed concurrently. There are some conditions P must follow in order to be reentrant, […]

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What’s a stub? It obviously depends on the context. A Stub may even be a relative of the Danish poet Ambrosius Stub. After all, code is poetry. In computing, I know of 4 contexts where the word stub has a well-established meaning: Web Sites: A stub is a web page in progress, i.e., a page […]

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A Central Abstraction: The Process

Abstractions I do strongly believe in abstraction being the root of computing (however, you may want to read Is abstraction the key to computing? as a motivation for a different perspective on the role of abstraction in computing). Modern hardware and software systems include a lot of features and perform so many tasks that it […]

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hello world, C and GNU as

A thing all these programs had in common was their use of the 09h function of INT 21h for printing the “hello, world!” string. But it’s time to move forward. Now I plan to use the lovely C printf function.

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hello, world

Personally, by reading “hello, world”, I evoke orange and warm afternoons, with my eyes strained (and soothed) by code. Nice, and overly inefficient Pascal code. In some images, a few BASIC snippets interleave, but those are not that nice to remember…

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