A Review of OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X

All of the explanations are crystal clear, focused into the concepts and techniques OpenGL developers really need. The book comprises OpenGL architecture and configuration on OS X, and the various APIs we can use in order to create OpenGL applications, specifically, CGL, AGL, Cocoa, (our old buddy) GLUT, and X11 APIs.

OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X

The full title of this book is “OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X: Architecture, Performance and Integration.” Its fortunate authors are Robert P. Kuehne and J. D. Sullivan, two professionals who thoroughly know what they are talking about. Moreover, the book has been published by one of my favorites, Addison-Wesley. Therefore, success in conveying the details of OpenGL Programming on the Apple platform seems guaranteed. After reading it, I confirmed that any graphics programmer will learn a lot of things from this book. And nowadays, with a market saturated by rushed books, it’s a bliss.
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