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The Library and Its Unimaginable Mathematics

Si le gustó el post Dimensiones del Universo o La Biblioteca, seguramente disfrutará este hermoso libro: The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges’ Library of Babel. Éste es un libro bello. La elegancia define su composición y tipografía, y el contenido es riquísimo. William Goldbloom Bloch parte del famoso cuento de Borges, La Biblioteca de Babel, y […]

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The Immortal

Even the disciple has his uses. He stands behind one’s throne, and at the moment of one’s triumph whispers in one’s ear that, after all, one is immortal. Oscar Wilde (A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated.) Note: A kiss no more.

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I hear a voice from the back of the room I hear a voice cry out you want something good Well come on a little closer let me see your face Yeah come on a little closer by the front of the stage I said come on a little closer I got something to say […]

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On The Religion of (Fake) Cheerfulness

“What?” cried Merton in an incredulous tone. “And the Religion of Cheerfulness—” “It is a cruel religion,” said the priest, looking out of the window. “Why couldn’t they let him weep a little, like his fathers before him? His plans stiffened, his views grew cold; behind that merry mask was the empty mind of the […]

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What is ‘standard English’?

After King Alfred’s victory over the Vikings in 878, the government of Southern England came to be established in London, which later became the capital of the whole of Britain. Because of this, the English spoken in London and the East Midlands was gradually adopted as the ‘official’ variety of English. And as time went […]

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Resizing multiple image files

For the Ponyo post I had a bunch of PNG 853×480 screenshots. At first, the post used 300×168 images, resized by the blog’s engine, such as the below one: However, the ideal width for images in this blog is about 600 pixels: For resizing multiple files I recurred to ImageMagick command line tools (here are […]

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Poema de Fernando Pessoa (Lisboa, 1888 – Lisboa, 1935)   Eu tenho um colar de pérolas Enfiado para te dar: As pérolas são os meus beijos, O fio é o meu pesar. A Terra é sem vida, e nada Vive mais que o coração… E envolve-te a terra fria E a minha saudade não! Se […]

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Words fail me

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18 de noviembre

Día de La Virgen de Chiquinquirá. Anoche se escucharon muchos cañonazos de júbilo. Hace 26 años, se publicó la primera tira de Calvin & Hobbes, favorito de la casa. Hoy debería yo imitar a Calvin en la imagen que escogí el año pasado. El doodle de hoy conmemora el 224° cumpleaños de Louis Daguerre. Un […]

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Beyond the Sun

Do you like music by Chris Isaak? Do you love the sound of the mythical Memphis’s Sun Studio? Do you like music by Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Howlin’ Wolf? Do you like rockabilly, country, blues, and overall, those tracks which shaped good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll? I do. Then […]

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