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Resizing multiple image files

For the Ponyo post I had a bunch of PNG 853×480 screenshots. At first, the post used 300×168 images, resized by the blog’s engine, such as the below one: However, the ideal width for images in this blog is about 600 pixels: For resizing multiple files I recurred to ImageMagick command line tools (here are […]

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The Nightmare before Christmas

Improbable que unos días antes de Navidad se encuentre usted inmerso en los ajustes finales de un salvapantallas (protector de pantallas/screensaver). Su salvapantallas utiliza OpenGL para el renderizado, y corre en Windows. Flujos lógicos perfectamente sincronizados, compiladores felices, arte gráfico hermoso. Prueba A superada. Prueba B superada. El problema apareció en la prueba N. En […]

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Retrieving system time: gettimeofday()

Some time ago, a friend of mine reported a problem with gettimeofday() under MinGW. It was a relatively common error: ‘gettimeofday’ undeclared (first use this function). Cause and solution of this problem is kind of easy, and we’ll present it at the end of the post. However, what’s that function gettimeofday()? gettimeofday() is a function […]

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coLinux, int 80 on Windows and other rants

Generally speaking, an Application Binary Interface (ABI) is the interface between an application program and the operating system. Conceptually, it’s related to the more well-known API concept. But ABIs are a low-level notion, while APIs are more leaned toward the application source code level.

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