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Calculus of resonances in an uniform acoustic tube

We assume that the glottal end is closed, but the mouth is open. This is the configuration we are referring to: The acoustic tube is uniform, and its length is L. The glottis, located at x=-L, is closed (infinite impedance) and the mouth, located at x=0, is open (impedance zero). Now, pressure variation p(x) along […]

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Hints at Speech Inverse Filtering of Fricative Phonemes

For my thesis, I developed my own inversion toolbox. But no matter the toolbox, you require a “source” of information for inversion. That information may be spectral energy distribution, formants, etc.

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Articulatory Speech Synthesis

Solution to the inverse problem is interesting, among other reasons, for the reduction of memory space and bandwidth requirements for storage and transmission of speech signals.

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