Resources for Articulatory Synthesis Research

A list of important documents for Articulatory Speech Synthesis and Inversion research.

The articulatory approach is a very captivating research topic, but it’s relatively hard, and is based on a hefty amount of multidisciplinary documents and results. Germane papers and books are somewhat old or difficult to find. This is my list of selected resources:


Papers, Theses and Slides

A few of my own documents

My research is just a drop compared to the above oceans. Although some of the ideas and assumptions I followed are already old, someone may find them useful:

Finally, please notice that the list is by no means complete or comprehensive. Some very important papers are missing, such as Flanagan and Ishizaka vocal fold modeling, Maeda’s simulation of the vocal tract, Rubin’s description of a synthesizer, Sorokin’s model and others.

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